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Why advertise with us? is the only job portal for fresh graduates. Our target audience are the students in the age group of 21 to 30 years. Thus we are directly connected with the youth. If you are a business enterprise with products and services targeting the youth of India, you can share our target group by advertising with us.

We provide flexible advertising solutions. We provide space for advertisements on our portal from where the user can be re-directed to client pages or websites where query forms or contests can be hosted thus assisting the clients to build a strong prospects’ database.

Terms and conditions

Ads start after receiving duly signed and complete purchase order or release order
Ads given on should be booked in advance. It is advisable to let us know of your requirements at the earliest
Designing of ad banners is available with minimum additional cost. Creatives provided by clients are also acceptable but the content must comply with the Mindlogicx portal policy
Advertisement design can be changed if desired (maximum once in a quarter) subject to approval of the artwork at least 7days in advance
As per Govt. of India notification, service tax will be levied on net billings
Authenticity of advertisement contents is the sole responsibility of advertiser. Mindlogicx does not take any responsibility for disputes that may arise

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