Choose a career

Choosing a career involves four main stages: Self Awareness, Opportunity Awareness, Decision Making, and Taking Action. Sometimes these stages will overlap and sometimes you have to return to a previous stage. Be aware the cycle is not always as linear and consistent as it is presented here.

Self Awareness

The first stage of Career Choice is Self Awareness. This involves looking at your SKILLS, VALUES, INTERESTS and PERSONALITY and analysing where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This is important both in choosing the right career and also for success in applications and interviews where you will find many questions which test whether you have been through this process.

Opportunity Awareness

Once you have done some preliminary self analysis, the next stage is to gather information on the opportunities open to you.

Making Decisions

Talk to graduates already working in your chosen career area. Work shadowing a person in the career you are considering is the next best thing to actually doing a job, to find out what it is like. If you have done this, you will come across as much better prepared at interviews.The other important part in making decisions is discussing it with other people. Friends, family and tutors can all play an important part here .

Taking Action
This is the final process of career planning. It involves:
Finding out about the Employers that offer the types of jobs you are interested in.
Search Vacancy Database
Preparing Applications and Attending Interviews
Perhaps taking Aptitude Tests and attending Selection Centres
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