Job Ready: Building Competency

Job Ready is an innovative next generation Job Portal. This has been established with the objective of promoting the Industry – Institute Partnership. Job Ready enables the industry-institute partnership by producing quality workforce and creating a bridge between the skilled manpower and industry. The focus of this portal is to enable fresh graduates to get employment of their choice. It is the platform where skilled students can seek employment in the industry and where the industry can short list fresh graduate candidates for employment.

Job Ready Portal provides information to students on opportunities available in the industry and on the skill set required to tap these opportunities. It also provides guidance to students for successful placement in jobs and to take on the key job responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner.

For Recruiters, this portal provides access to the skilled human capital that has been made “job ready” by us. In this manner the organizations do not have to spend extra resources on training new recruits.

The portal has 99.9% authentic database of skilled manpower. This database consists of profiles of candidates who have undergone various reskilling and upskilling programs. The database of students is validated through the institutes once the students enroll for a program at GradFirst. Thus, the profiles in the database are complete, original and authentic.

The students whose profiles are uploaded in the system are the ones who have undergone reskilling and upskilling program from GradFirst – The Hybrid Finishing School. Reskilling programs provide skilling in the domain in which the student has done his graduation. It also includes softskills training that is relevant to the industry today. Upskilling programs are programs that add to the qualification of the student. These programs provide training in cutting-edge fields of expertise to graduating students and sharpen their skills in a manner that prepares them to enter the work environment with poise and confidence.

Training is specialized with high motivation and learning environment for graduates and about to graduates by imparting significant learning in a short span of time to bridge the gap so as to make them Industry Ready.

Recruiters can sift through the huge database at JobReady4U to find out the gem they have been always looking for.

Job Ready is an innovative model from Mindlogicx. It stems from the concept of being the placement cell for GradFirst, the hybrid finishing school and provide services to graduates and about to graduate students. Job Ready empowers students to increase their employment opportunities in their respective domains of expertise by providing industry relevant training. It also encourages corporate from various industry verticals to have access to skilled manpower. The platform also provides users, an opportunity to contact the employers of their choice and land into their Dream Job!!

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