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Craft Online Job Postings to get Right Candidates

A common complaint from hiring managers these days is "too many resumes to review" and "too many unqualified candidates" responding to their online postings. When you're posting a job on your corporate Web site or the job portal, a well constructed job ad will bring in the right candidates while discouraging unqualified applicants.

Here are some tips on do's and don'ts to crafting job postings that will work for you:
Don't use boring or non-descriptive job titles

Don't expect candidates to get excited about plain old "Administrative Support III" or "Account Manager." Use the ample space the job portal gives you to add a perk to your job title, such as "Motivated Account Managers - Join as an International Project Head," or "Administrative Assistant - Flexible Schedule, Great Benefits."

Don't use your company's official job description as your online job ad

A long, boring description of job duties and requirements is not going to entice motivated applicants seeking exciting growth opportunities. Instead of a long list of requirements, mention only those that are non-negotiable and state that applicants must meet these requirements in order to be considered.
Do sell your company
You should mention the perks of working for your company in your job posting. Give job seekers a one sentence description of who you are and what you do. Tell them why they should want to work for your company, whether it's exceptional benefits, flexible schedules, fun work environment, growth opportunity, or an emphasis on employee appreciation. If you don't have any selling points, make it your mission to implement programs to attract the strongest candidates.
Do give applicants options on how to apply to your posting

Be sure to give candidates both online and offline options to send their resume or application. It's possible to miss a great candidate if he is not provided the convenience to reach you. Give job seekers the option of emailing or faxing their resume.

Do incorporate keywords into your job posting

The job portal allows both job category and keyword searches. Ensure your job is seen by incorporating keywords relating to the job in your posting. For instance, an account manager position could also be called "account executive, sales executive, sales associate, or sales professional." By adding these keywords to the end of your posting or incorporating them into your job ad, you will have a greater chance of being seen by the right candidates.

Do give applicants a direction to follow

A quick way of weeding out unqualified candidates is to give a task to be completed along with their application. You can do this by specifying that applicants give a one paragraph explanation of how their experience qualifies them for the position. This should lessen the number of uninterested or unqualified candidates who respond.

You'll find that a little extra effort upfront will pay off with a more qualified response to your job postings. Put yourself in the candidate's shoes and consider what would appeal to you in a job. Be clear about what qualifications are absolutely necessary. Weed out the unqualified by challenging applicants to think before they send you their resume.

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