Path from Campus to career

Campus is about many things, from learning about specific subjects and the world in general, to increasing your breadth through a broad range of new and different experiences. But for almost everybody, including those who plan to get more education, campus is, at its core, primarily concerned with one thing: preparing you for a career.

"Prepare" is a qualifed term. Campus in no way makes you an expert in any field. Only experience will do that. But what campus can do is make you qualified to embark on a path to gain that experience. It gives you the necessary skills to start on a journey that probably would not have been an option had you not taken time to get your degree.

But the degree alone is not enough to ensure that such a journey will begin anytime soon. What you need, in addition to a degree is a plan. Without a plan, you're leaving your fate up to chance, which means you could end up anywhere. It's grim but true—there are over-qualified, under-employed campus graduates waiting tables in every city in the country. But even during tough times, there are also graduates from every campus who end up on stellar career paths.

There is one thing that consistently differentiates between those who let life happen to them and those who take active control over their own careers, lives, and destinies. To get where you want to go, you must make some decisions, and then make a plan. Planning is not only important for increasing your odds of getting any job, but it's also important for getting the right job.

The people who rise to the heights of whatever career they choose will all tell you that campus was just the beginning of their education. Landing your first post-campus job is where the rubber hits the road and is, itself a huge accomplishment. But remember that it's really just the first step on a long and rewarding career path. In fact, the moment you get your first job, the next most important objective will probably be to do well at the job. And it never ends. There will be an on-going string of goals to accomplish on the job, new skills to acquire, and eventually new and better jobs as you advance in your career. It's not only important that you continue setting goals throughout this process; it's actually the goals that make the process happen in the first place.

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